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ATTENTION: We Are Now Providing High Quality Spin Ready Articles In Bulk. You Can Get Over 300 Pre Spun Articles In The Internet Marketing Niche,
Or In The Health & Weight Loss Niche.”

Internet Marketing Spin Ready Article Sample

Weight Loss And Fitness Spin Ready Article Sample


Article Marketing With Spin Ready Articles
Article Marketing Is Time Consuming!
But With Our Top Quality Spin Ready Articles You Can Be On Your Way To Building More Backlinks Than You Ever Imagined!”

From: Brian Tubbs
Re: Use Our Spinnable Articles and Save Yourself Loads Of Time

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

Everyone Knows That Duplicate Content Sucks, And Creating Your Own Spinnable Articles Takes Forever… And The Article Spinning Software On The Market Sucks….  But Now We Will Provide You With Over 300 Of The Highest Quality Spin Ready Articles Available Today!!!

Everyone also knows that article marketing is one of the oldest and still one of the best ways to advertise your products. Not only can you get a lot of traffic from the articles themselves, but the backlinks you build in your articles pointing to your website gets you the attention of the search engines, and because of those backlinks they will rank your site higher in their results pages.

Now I am not here to tell you how important article marketing is, or how powerful it is… I am guessing you already know that and that is why you are here.

Many of you who have been using article marketing for any amount of time, already know what a spun article is. For those of you who don’t, let me explain. A spun article or spinnable article, is an article that when placed in to a spinner will create loads of unique content articles. For example a spun sentence would look like this:

Here is the regular sentence:
This is what a spun sentence looks like.

Here is the same sentence in spun format:
{This is|This is an example of|Here is|Here is an example of} {just what|exactly what|what} a {pre-spun|spinnable|spun} sentence {would look|might look|looks} {like after it’s spun|like once it has been spun|like}.

You will also find people who just spin the sentence two or three times…

Here is the same sentence in sentence rewrite format:
{Here is an example of exactly what a spinnable sentence looks like|As one example, you will notice that a deep spun sentence looks similar to this|In case you are curious about what a spun sentence looks like when it is spun deep, it would look exactly like this.}

We will rewrite each sentence 3 times and also include word and phrase rewrites…

{{This is|This is an example of|Here is|Here is an example of} {just what|exactly what|what} a {pre-spun|spinnable|spun} sentence {would look|might look|looks} {like after it’s spun|like once it has been spun|like}|{As an example|For example|As one example}, {you would|you will} {see that|observe that|notice that} a deep spun sentence {looks like|resembles|looks similar to} this|{If you are|If you’re|In case you are} {wondering|asking yourself|curious about} {what a|exactly what a|just what a} spun sentence looks like {when it is|after it is|once it is} spun deep, it would look {exactly like|the same as|just like} this.}


I am sure I don’t need to tell you that you get a lot more variations of that sentence when you use deep spinning and rewrite the sentences 3 times…

A spun sentence can provide you with about 300 versions, on average. But a deep spun sentence, with 3 versions of each sentence, can provide you with more than 1,000 versions of that same sentence.

On average you will find our article will have 5 paragraphs and each paragraph will have 4 or more sentences.

So we are talking about an astronomical amount of variations of just one spin ready article.

Once spun, the articles that are generated will be between 500 and 600 words per article.

So Now You Can Say Goodbye To Duplicate Content And Submit A Unique Article To Every Article Directory You Can Find With Our Spin Ready Articles.

So what can you do with these articles?

What You Can Do With These Articles

Submit Them To All The Article Directories You Can Find, In Order To Build Backlinks To Your Site And Improve Your Search Engine Ranking!

Start Your Own Article Directory And Earn From Adsense.

Use These Articles To Have Fresh Content On Your Blog.

Create a content site and earn from affiliate programs.

There is no limit to how you use these articles, but your imagination.

There Are Some Things You Are Not Allowed To Do With These Articles!

But Wait There's More

You DO NOT have the right to resell these articles!

You DO NOT have the right to give away these articles!

You DO NOT have the right to add these to membership sites or provide them as a bonus  for your customers!

What About The Quality Of The Articles?

It Doesn't Stop There

These Articles Are Written By 100% English Speaking People, In Fact, I Create All The Articles Myself In Order To Insure The Quality… I don’t use any auto-spinning software that produces garbage which is unreadable once the articles are created.

Our articles are 100% human edited articles to give you the best quality spin ready articles available anywhere.

We Also Show You How You Can Turbo Charge Your Article Marketing

We had memberships open to 100 people per membership, however we never filled our quota, So our loss is your gain!

We planned on limiting the amount of people who could use these articles to 200, But since we had so few members, we are now offering the articles at a bulk discounted rate.

These articles are still limited to a total of 200 people. But you will not need to pay a monthly fee. With a one time charge you will get access to over 300 high quality spin ready articles in either the Internet Marketing Niche or the Health And Weight Loss Niche.

Ok so how much is this going to cost.?

The first thing you should know is that we are not the only game in town. There is another spin ready article service that can provide you with spin ready articles and you can find them at: SimplyPLR

They can provide you with spin ready articles and they are not that bad…. But if you want high quality spin ready articles… Our articles have a much higher quality.  If you want try out SimplyPLR and try our service afterwards. We are positive that you will see the difference and agree that our articles are superior.

I wanted to make sure it was affordable for everyone. Most article writing services are charging up to $20 to $50 for just one basic article… and people are paying it!!!

With our service you will be able to create hundreds of thousands of unique articles from just 1  of our spin ready articles… and you will get Over 300 spinnable articles

I should also point out that there are people out there right now charging over $100 a month for a service like this, without offering near the quality we offer. But I wanted everyone to be able to afford this so….

You Will Get Over 300 Articles, In Either The Internet Marketing Niche Or The Health & Weight Loss Niche, For Only $67.


You can save more and get over 300 Internet Marketing AND over 300 Health & Weight Loss articles for just $99. and save over $30.


Get Fast Access To These Pre-Spun Articles

Are You Ready To Get Started?
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Once you complete your purchase, we will be verifying payment and emailing you the articles….

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Be sure you sign up for the correct articles… There are 3 different purchase options below.


We Are Only Offering A Total Of 100 Packages For The Different Options Below. Once They Are Sold, They Will Not Be Offered Again.

We will be updating the packages available weekly or sooner if needed.



 Over 300 Internet Marketing Spin Ready Articles


 Over 300 Health And Weight Loss Spin Ready Articles


 Over 600 Internet Marketing And Health & Weight Loss Articles



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Brian Tubbs

P.S. Please remember that these are the highest quality spin ready articles available today, they are manually created, we don’t use automated softwares for creating these articles. If you have any questions you can contact us at:
Spin Ready Articles

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